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Spectator's Guide

The MAKC Annual All-Breed Dog Show is two days of fun and learning for the whole family! 

There will be over one hundred different breeds in attendance at the Marshfield Area Kennel Club Annual Dog Show! 

This year's show will be held July 22, and 23, 2023 at the Central Wisconsin State Fairgrounds in Marshfield, Wisconsin. [See Map] Showing begins at 8:00 am each morning and runs into the early afternoon. You'll probably want to print a copy of the Judging Program (click here) for Saturday or Sunday once entries close to get an idea of what time your favorite breeds are showing. 

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Three Areas of Competition...


The "Beauty Contest" of the dog world. Impeccably groomed dogs will strut their stuff while judges evaluate how close they come to meeting the ideal standard for their breed, which describes physical attributes from top to tail, temperament, and even proper movement. 

Junior Showmanship showcases the future of the dog sport. Showmanship is a competition that evaluates how well a youngster grooms and handles a dog as they would in the conformation ring. In this competition, the dog's conformation is not evaluated...only the child's skill in presenting the dog. Juniors is a great way for your child to get starting showing dogs. You can find the conformation and juniors rings in the Expo I Building. 

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The "Quiz Bowl" of the dog world. Well-trained canines and their people will show what they know while judges score them according to a written standard of excellence for exercises that cover the basics like off-leash heeling at the Novice class level, to the more advanced retrieving, jumping, and scent discrimination exercises at the highest level, Utility class. You can find the obedience rings in the Junior Fair Building Building.

Rally Obedience

The newest addition to our annual show, rally obedience combines the best of basic obedience and agility. This fast-paced version of obedience competition requires the trainer and dog to work together as partners. Rally can also be found in the Junior Fair Building.




Fast CAT® – which stands for Coursing Ability Test – is a timed 100-yard dash where dogs run one at a time, chasing a lure. Fast CAT competitions are organized by the American Kennel Club. The competitions are fun to watch and even more fun for the dogs who are running in them. Not a lot of training is needed beforehand because the sport relies entirely on a dog's instinctual interest in running and chasing. Similarly, Fast CAT is a great activity for dog owners who are interested in starting to get involved in dog sports.

Dog Show Etiquette

Show and Obedience Dogs are generally well-socialized with other dogs and have good manners with people. However, in the interests of courtesy:

  • Always ask the owner before petting a dog, and teach your children this important rule. 

  • Approach the dog from the front and allow the dog to set the pace by giving him a chance to sniff your hand. Do make sure your hands are clean! 

  • Keep food out of reach, and away from the obedience rings. 

  • Don’t block the entrance to the show rings. 

  • Wait until after the class to ask questions and pet the dog. Most handlers will be nervous right before showing, and may be warming their dog up or grooming. This is a competition, you would not ask a pole vaulter or race car driver to stop right before their event to chat with you! 

  • Because of high foot traffic, strollers are best left at home to avoid injuring dogs. 

  • Visit the MAKC or Superintendents table for brochures and information about purebred dogs, dog shows, performance events, and more. 

  • Please! Leave your pet at home! Unentered animals (besides service animals) are not allowed on the grounds, and are likely to misbehave since they aren't accustomed to the bustling atmosphere of a dog show. 

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