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Dog Agility is a dog sport in which a handler directs a dog through an obstacle course in a race for both time and accuracy.  This fast-paced version of obedience competition requires the trainer and dog to work together as partners. 
**CLASSES are Ongoing and FULL.  Joining is done on a preapproval basis only.  Contact Jane at the link below for more information**
Advanced Agility for Active Trialers
UPDATE: Classes to be held weekly on Mondays - Evenings  6 PM.​ 
  • $100 for 6 classes

  • Ring ready preparedness for trialing.  Dogs must be proficient in equipment and be ready to trial.

  • Owners and Dogs learn to navigate the strategize and hone their competitive skills

Foundation Agility 
Students would be accepted on a future goal of trialing basis
UPDATE:  Classes to be held weekly on Mondays - Evenings 7 PM 
Jane will give you skills to work on outside of class to enhance what you have learned.                                  .
  • $100 for 6 weekly classes   

  • For dogs with basic obedience training

  • Relationship building, ground work to include front crosses, rear crosses and blind crosses, jumping skills (age appropriate) contact obstacles and tunnels. 1-2 obstacle sequences. 2x2 weave introduction

  • Recommend purchase or borrow a set of 2x2 weave poles

Jane Zank.jpg
Instructor: Jane Zank

Jane has complete mastery of Agility, having competed with many dogs. Jane is one of MAKC's most seasoned instructors.  She has embraced the One Mind Dogs teaching methods and philosophy and her passion in this pursuit shows!


Image by Murilo Viviani


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