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​Training your dog to detect scent is so much fun for your dog and a great way to build confidence and teamwork. Can be done anywhere, and is good mental exercise. Dogs of any age can benefit !
Intro to Scent Detection
Friday Evenings 5:30PM
  • $110 for 6 classes (Includes basic supplies)

  • Next available classes: TBD

  • Training dogs to find a specific odor (Birch and Anise) and alert their handler that they've found it. Train the dog using containers and everyday objects in a room.  This is a beginner's class, no previous scent work experience needed.

Instructor: Karen Smith

Karen has completed a certification program in Dog Training, and another in Canine Behavior. She is also an AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator, and an AKC trick dog evaluator.


Scent Work

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